F1 Air Racing

It all started with this front cover shot, Issue #123

Formula 1 National Air Racing

Individual flying the model aircraft
If you are interested in having some fun punting an affordable easy flying 20, 35 or 60cc ARF racer around the pylons checkout the Formula One National Air Racing Rules (F1NAR)

Combining what I learnt display flying at major motorsport events and hiring a large public venues to showacse the hobby has been a passion of mine for years.  F1 Air Racing is a competition event that entertains the public, attracts new people into the hobby, helps hobby shops sell gear and generates significant funds towards model club overheads. All this in in one weekend.   

The Video below is the 2015 Sandown F1 Air Race event at Melbourne's Home of Horsepower



  1. F1   60 cc ARF
  2. F2  35cc single class airframe ARF
  3. AT-6 20cc 1/5th scale Texan ARF
  4. Red Bull  20-30cc scale aerobatic ARF

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