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Learning to Fly Using Auto Stability Sytems

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Multiplex FunCub is the best 1kg (2lb) foam training model I have ever flown. Mine has flown in and out of some unbelievable strips. Copped a plenty of knocks, still going strong. Two great features, can be flown from rough ground, nor does it have to be tipped upside to change the battery. Airframe is incredibly rugged too. Thanks to a great design, it also flies properly, in the old fashioned way when aeroplanes were rigged correctly. Not the cheapest but in the long run this gives the best bang for your buck.  My electronic book covers a step by step installation of the Eagle Tree Guardian stability system, with a bush pilot set up with a screwdriver, no computer needed. 

Number two choice is the E Flite Apprentice S. Great model. A turn key solution to teaching yourself, AS3X stability is setup out of the box. Into the Air was designed and written to take your tablet to the flying field. Into the Air covers how to operate and fly both models. Most subjects are on a single page. Remember, your flight will also be the test flight. Specifically, this book shows you how to achieve a successful solo flight. 

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Are You New To Flying?

New people start flying RC every day. Rather than repeat the basics in every issue, we’ve put it in a book. “Into the Air” is a Radio Control Model News e-book that covers what you need to know about learning to fly radio control with two proven models, The Multiplex FunCub and E-Flite Apprentice S.

FLYING NOTES. A world first! Each on a single page. A Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) includes take off, climb, circuits, approach and landing. Have the co-pilot (a friend) read out the checklist. Open the throttle, establish the climb then swipe to the next page

Information That Is Never Covered In The Instructions

How to carry the model, how to pack it in the car, propeller safety, known faults with the models (not many), pre-flight, The Law, what to expect when you go to a model club and a hobby shop. 

Each subject is covered on a single page. Also, where can i fly? Where should I fly? What should I buy? Where should I buy? 

Check it out. Before you take of.f.

Choosing A Place To Fly And The Weather

Choice of model aside, the 2 most important aspects when it comes to flying is the location and the weather. The weather is easy. If the wind is blowing more than 8kph (5mph), best you come back another time, first thing in the morning or around dusk. Morning is preferred as there are usually less people around. If there is any wind the next thing to consider is what is downwind from your flying site. Downwind is the direction from your position where the wind is blowing towards. For example if it’s blowing towards a freeway, you would look for another flying site.

The E-Flite Apprentice S And Multiplex FunCub RR

The first thing to be said about teaching yourself to fly a radio-controlled plane is that it has all been done before. This book is about avoiding the pitfalls with the best 2 models available. The E-Flite Apprentice S offers a turnkey solution. Price aside, the Multiplex FunCub RR offers superior performance and durability but it is not supplied with a stability system. I've retro fitted the Eagle Tree Guardian with very simple instructions and a video to set it up. If these two models are beyond your budget and the aileron model being considered does not feature electronic stability, three channels are the go. No flying instructor and four channels (aileron) for your first flight will probably last 5 to 35 seconds. The reason is simple. To initiate and then maintain a turn one must hold the rudder command on. Letting the control back to neutral the model will return to level flight all by itself. Which is what you do if the model starts descending rapidly. Or when you get confused. A pod and boom powered glider offers a few advantages over a conventional high wing tractor (engine up front) model. Easier to hand launch, longer flight time and less chance of trimming your fingernails with the propeller.
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