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Cubs with Tundra tyres are gaining in popularity and an increasing number of manufacturers are marketing a variant. Whether it be club or park flying or taking off from a farm driveway I can say without question the model I've had the most fun with ever is the 1kg Multiplex FunCub. My 2.7kg Fun Cub XL is set up with two cameras plus a telemetry and stability system. 

Ever since my Dad and I towed one mile of fishing line (1.6km) between peaks above 5000 feet in the Australian Alps for a powerline company in 1977 part of me still gets bored landing on standard club strips. That model had a wingspan of 6 feet and was powered with an OS 60 with a Graupner tuned pipe. Sankyo 7 ch FM PPM radio, large split flaps and a Rocket City tow release. Camera models shooting stills and movie work with film soon followed then stunt flying for crowd entertainment at major motorsport events, club strips became even less challenging. 

This year I plan to record locations from the Fun Cub when travelling to events. Due consideration has been given to ALARP.  During my travels hopefully the vision will provide a few tips for those interested in using rudder more effectively. For example, bush flying technique learnt flying simple prop jobs helped drag the 9kg turbine BD5 into the air off a rain soaked grass strip for a practice flight a few days before an airshow at Coldstream Airport. 

It's the wild wild west out there in cyberland. The internet has turned most things upside down. Magazine publishing included. One thing that hasn't changed is basic stick n rudder flying. 

This is also fun way for me to promote articles for upcoming issues of the magazine. 
Stephen Green. 

ARN 576621. AMAS #AUS 160. MAAA #AUS 5932.

Below: Multiplex Fun Cub XL - Hitech Aurora 9 radio with nine channels for primary flight controls, throttle, flap, cargo doors, tow release and shutter release  Runcam 2 camera and Eagle Tree Guardian autopilot. Power for the Hitec telemetry is slaved via a Y lead.  

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