Damien Mould's fabulous Mybo A10 at Sandown

Established in 1991  

Radio Control Model News (RCM News) is an owner operated Australian newspaper styled magazine. We cover a wide range of topics for enthusiasts interested in the pursuit of building, buying and flying radio controlled model aeroplanes (aircraft) gliders, helicopters and multicopters. For solo, sport, competition and commercial flying.  

 Published bi-monthly printed on high gloss paper and distributed nationally through Newssagents or by subscription. It is the only RC magazine in the world with flaps.Flap 1 and Flap 2 are the fold out on the printed front cover that features two beautiful scale models.  Our DigiMag for Apple, Android tablets and smartphones plus PC is available for purchase through secure gateways.  Downloads to your device, auto page size, page jump from the contents page,  readable type, convenient swipe for and back to the next page and a convenient pop up menu with hyperlinks to advertisers websites and You Tube footage where available. 

RCM News supports its advertisers with independent product reviews of radios, engines, motors, aircraft, heli and accessories. Advertising is not sold on the basis of a favourable review.  With new people starting out all the time we cover the basics and more advanced information with flying tips and advice on setup. We are happy to assist reader enquiries wherever we can. 
This magazine was launched by Brian Green in 1991 to coincide with the opening of 1991 FAI World Aerobatic, Pylon and Heli Championships at Wangaratta Victoria. Dad was the overall event director of the Champs. I have been flying RC since 1971 and competed in aerobatics and thermal glider at the 26th MAAA Nationals in Geelong in 1972. Dad was the Australian agent for Kraft Systems, Dubro, Sullivan, Lanier, Rocket City, Graupner, MK, YS, Sankyo, Pacer Products. Some 10,000 hours spent flying models for fun, competition and commercial RC flight training and airwork, approximately 1000 students later I can say that this fabulous hobby has never been easier or more affordable to get into the air with quality brand name gear than it has ever been. 

ps. Flyboys has historical significance dating back to WW1. I had to come up with an easy to remember website name for a radio advertisment for the 2102 Cobram Air Races hence the easy to remember name. 

About Radio Control Model News

 I started flying in RC 1971 and flew the FAI F3a schedule of manoeuvres in Novice Aerobatics at the 1972 Nationals in Geelong. What might seem a rapid progression to some, this is not unusual for anyone whose father was a competitive modeller. I was just a kid, no fear and flying company aeroplanes three day a week. My Dad happened to be the Australian agent for Kraft Systems Inc, the worlds leading brand of radio control sets. Back then was Kraft was the best. It just worked. 

Product Review, Advertising and Editorial Policy
Great product reviews written by trolls are now freely available.  Not here. No changes are made to the article after the reviewer accepts the final proof copy. 

Advertising is not sold on the basis of a favourable product review. Prior to publication a copy of the review is sent to the advertiser for comment and clarification that technical information is correct.   

 This magazine is edited and published by someone who can actually fly that Classic Pattern, on Mode 1 and Mode 2, in strong wind. Fast forward four decades cool graphs still cannot tell you how to actually fly manoeuvres. I've spent the best part of a life time sorting out problems at flying fields for modellers and a Radio Control Model News review highlights the positives and sorts through the negatives (if any). We're not into bagging products. Just flying them and keeping them flying! 

After 46 years of practicing the 1971 FAI F3a aerobatic schedule, teaching people to fly, display flying, commercial flying, dealing with the hobby trade and model associations, Digital Disruption is now headed model aircraft clubs way. Ready to Fly and electronics has created a new type of RC aviator. Park flying is doing it's bit to promote RC flying but to inspire new people into the hobby, big events are needed.  

Readers are most welcome to contact me for any assistance in their pursuit of building, buying and flying radio controlled aeroplanes (airplanes) gliders, helicopters or drones. 

Stephen Green. Flying Editor/ Publisher. CASA ARN 576621. MAAA AUS 5932. AMAS AUS 160


Radio Control Model News magazine and Flyboys Special issues are available as individual copy or by subscription

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