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Australia's Most Popular RC Flying Magazine

Established in 1991  

Radio Control Model News (RCM News) is an Australian newspaper styled magazine for people who fly RC, want to fly RC or get better at flying RC at solo, sport, competitive and commercial level.  

Published bi-monthly printed on high gloss paper or digital each issue covers all manner of building, buying, flying aeroplanes (aircraft), helicopters and multirotor topics. 

To inspire people to get into the hobby this is the only magazine with flaps. Flap 1 and Flap 2 are fold out on the printed front cover which feature a couple of beautiful hand built scale models.  For  tablets smartphones and PC the Digital replica is interactive, with hyperlinks to advertisers and You Tube footage where available.  Downloads to your device, auto page size, page jump from the Contents page,  readable type, convenient swipe for and back to the next page and a convenient pop up menu.   

To assist model aircraft clubs raising the profile of aeromodelling and furthering the relationship with the local community and council the feature article in each edition is a large flying event. Each pilot usually brings a caller so for a small fifty entry specialised event that’s a minimum of one hundred people extra people coming to the local area  often for two or three days.. Fly Ins attract the wider   radio control community at large plus local spectators. We cannot publish every event but using a copy of this magazine in submissions is very helpful.  

Traditionally RC aeromodelling has experienced a 25% turnover per annum. With new people starting out all the time we cover the basics and more advanced information with flying tips and advice on setup in Flying School. Plus a specialist Hobby Shop Directory. 

RCM News supports advertisers with independent product reviews of radios, engines, motors, aircraft, heli and accessories. We are always happy to assist reader enquiries wherever we can.

Getting started? Before you purchase something cheap at a Toy Shop, you can purchase a great brand name model for as little as $200. We review them all the time. Flying School covers the basics for beginner and sport flyers from basic solo and aerobatics. This column is currently working through the Model Aeronautical of Australia (MAAA) Gold Wings flight test manoeuvres. RPA Flight Ops is our regular column on the exciting new world of commercial radio control (and drone) flying. Hangar Talk gets up close and personal with fabulous aircraft when they are on the ground. The Build covers them on the bench. Avionics looks at practical tips using technology. Our F1 Air Racing column covers man versus manufactured model machinery. Then there is WG Gilderslag,. We are only RC magazine in the world with its own Stunt Pilot on staff. He's crusty, he's quirky but we love WG.

What’s better, Mode 1 or Mode 2? There’s little difference. I can fly the 1970s FAI Aerobatic schedule on both. Mode 2 is easier to learn for right handed people, full size pilots and anyone who flies a PC or game simulator. 

Thinking about getting into RC? Into the Air is our $2 eBook that covers more than just the basics with an overview of the hobby which beginners and flying instructors can them to instead of answering the same questions again and again. 
This magazine was launched in 1991 to coincide with the opening of 1991 FAI World Aerobatic, Pylon and Heli Championships at Wangaratta Victoria. Published by my father Brian Green, Dad was the Contest Director at the Champs. I have been flying RC since aged 13. Some 10,000 hours spent flying models for fun, competition and commercial. 1000 students later this hobby has never been easier to get into the air or more affordable than it has ever been. 
Stephen Green.          Flying Editor.  

Check Out Bank And Yank - Byron Simpson's F1 Air Racing Column

Most of us fly or build to forget about the rigours of daily life. Having flown pretty much everything in RC, I have almost as much fun shooting circuits and bumps with my FunCub, helicopter, drone, glider or float plane as I do racing  the RCM News Racing Seagull Cassutt with many of the best RC model flyers in the country. I get to see what works and how others sort it out when it doesn't. Not just with the big stuff either. The majority of competitors instruct at their local club and fly many facets of RC. They're used to nutting out problems for others. At race meets, we also fly foamies too! F1 dudes even allow Flyboys to publish secrets, which do appear regularly in all parts of the magazine. Stephen Green. 

ps. Although Flyboys has historical significance back in WW1, I had to come up with an easy to remember website name for a radio advertisment for the 2102 Cobram Air Races 

Radio Control Model News magazine and Flyboys Special issues are available as individual copy or by subscription

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